plant care

ABOUT iPlantCare Technology

iPlantCare Technology is revolutionary service, that sends instructions on indoor plant care via e-mail and SMS messages on daily basis. When some of the user’s plants need attention, he/she will be reminded and instructed whether to water (and how much), spray, transplant and fertilize a plant.

Innovation of iPlantCare Technology lies in algorithm (iPCE – iPlantCare Engine) that handles data received from:

  • plants IPCS (Individual Plant Care System, defined for every single plant species), 
  • real time weather conditions in user’s area
  • data about plant provided by user.

IPCS are special systems developed for each plant species. It consists of different parameters that can be understood and handled by computer algorithms (iPCE – iPlantCare Engine).
Some of parameters, that are considered in IPCS and have effect on growth and flowering of plants:

  • soil (quantity and type)
  • fertilizers 
  • brightness
  • watering
  • spraying
  • plant age
  • humidity
  • windows of certain weather conditions
  • seasons
  • plant species
  • ...

HISTORY of iPlantCare Technology

The idea for iPlantCare service came in 1999 with its goal in making good use of up to-date technologies (internet, GSM) for plant care. It took us almost 3 years to develop stable and reliable IPCSs (Individual Plant Care Systems) and algorithms (iPCE – iPlantCare Engine) that enabled the start of testing the service on real plants.
We tested it on variety of plants and users for more than 1 year, before it become reliable and usable for market.


In November 2002 iPlantCare received a title for The most innovative and business oriented project conferred by Institute for innovation and technology of Slovenia. 
In May 2003 it received a golden award for innovation on exhibition conferred by Association of innovators of Croatia.