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iPlantCare is constantly looking for new iPCPs (iPlantCare partner) from all over the world.

If your company is involved in indoor plant business (nursery, trading plants, manufacturer of plant accessories), iPCW (iPlantCare powered website) is ideal for expanding your business or just professional customer support service.

As an iPCP you demand an edge. You demand new ideas for making sales, and a way to easily mass-market iPlantCare services. You demand effective integration of iPlantCare services into your website, and to bespared the hassle and expense of setting up merchant services (credit card processing). iPCW meets these demands and more. iPCW is a full-featured customizable e-commerce website. It is designed as a powerful tool for you to sell iPlantCare Technology services. You give your site a name, choose the look and feel, set the pricing, and choose which iPlantCare services to offer. We take care of the website hosting, merchant processing and all other iPlantCare services. iPCW has taken reseller solutions a step further.

As an iPCP (iPlantCare partner), you get complete iPCW (iPlantCare powered website).

The features of iPCW include:

  • You can offer iPlantCare Technology service under your brand name!
  • Completely customizable design of website via templates, so it fits your existing website.
  • The website is hosted on our servers, so you don't have extra expenses.
  • The domain name can be or any other valid domain of your choice.
  • The website comes with complete administration for all the content on the website including ability to easy translate to other languages.
  • Access to large database of house plants featuring images and descriptions.
  • Ability to add and edit descriptions of new plants. (new plants become available to public after our approval and when we make corresponding iPCS). All plants added by other iPlantCare partners are available to you and vice versa.
  • News system, which can also send e-mails to your customers (mailing lists)
  • FAQ and Questions&Answers section where you can offer support to your clients.
  • On-line chat support facility

There are two different iPCP programs:

  • iPCPS –standard program allows almost any company to apply. The company must provide professional customer support.
  • iPCPE – exclusive program guaranties you competition free market. That means, you are the only iPlantCare service provider in predefined area. Typically iPCPE program is available for localized (translated) websites. To apply for iPCPE program you must meet different demands that are defined on per agreement basis (minimum yearly sales, translations ...). iPCPE program is available only on areas and languages where no existing iPlantCare service providers exist.

For pricelist and other info please fill out our contact form.